Illustrator, “He’ll Find the Right Girl, Eventually!” – Anything That Loves, Northwest Press, 2013.
Having always found himself attracted to other men, will a fated dodgeball league encounter sway a young man’s fancy?

Illustrator, An Elegy For Amelia Johnson – Archaia Entertainment, 2011.
In her 30 years on earth, Amelia Johnson has touched many lives with her compassion, intelligence and spirit. Now, at the end of a year-long battle with cancer, she asks her two closest friends to take her final messages to the people who have touched her life the most. (View Process Gallery)

“Tevake” – SCAD Biography Anthology, 2009.
A fictional take on the story of sailor Basil Tevake and his student, David Lewis.

“The Pack” – SCAD Discovered Anthology, 2008.
Mark can’t bring himself to toss a pack of cigarettes left behind by his ex-boyfriend but finds out it isn’t easy to throw away his feelings, either.

“Cranes Won’t Save Kevin Strickland” – Kevin Strickland Couldn’t Love You More, 2007.
Dave is shocked when he finds out from friends that Kevin is gone, FOREVER! Could paper cranes save the day?

“You, Me, and the Aurora Borealis” – SCAD Science Anthology, 2007.
In Alaska, a couple in a long-distance relationship make time each month to meet up and watch the Aurora Borealis.